April 23, 2016

A Picture Is Worth 42 Words

I vividly remember gathering with my girlfriends to take a picture before a high school dance.  We thought we looked so hot.  We were styling with neon-colored strapless dresses and that hair.  We're talking 1989 hair.  As my friend's mom stood there snapping, she said, "One day you guys will look back on this and think, 'We look ridiculous.'"  We scoffed at the idea we'd look anything other than super cool.

Pictures represent and evoke so many things.  Memories:  We are filled with warmth remembering how sweet our babies were before they started to talk back. We recall what our friends looked like when they had all their hair.  Emotion:  We smile when we see a picture of a puppy...any picture of any puppy will do.  We cringe when we see a picture of Walmart...any picture of any Walmart will do.  Entertainment:  We marvel over how stars are "just like us" in US Weekly.  We dream of those in-water huts in Bora Bora in Travel and Leisure.  Self-perception:  We recognize that, under no circumstances, should we ever wear that beret again.  We ask ourselves why someone didn't tell us we had three chins.  Proof:  We believe there really was a man on the moon.  We conclude that O.J.'s glove really didn't fit (???).

Pictures are just as important in real estate.  In fact, they may be the single most important thing in selling a home.  98% of the population searches for a home online.  What do they see when they search?  Pictures.  Sure they look at other important factors such as price, location, etc., etc.  But I've got news for you.  They won't stop to read any of those other details if the pictures stink.

When Realtors enter a listing into the MLS, we have exactly 210 characters, roughly 42 words, to write the property description.  How much can we possibly write about a home?  The words "amazing," "exquisite," and "immaculate" take up a lot of space.  One could write five lines of "Blah, blah, blah blah," and include amazing photos, and the house would still sell quickly.  Guaranteed.  Even as an agent, I look through each and every picture of a home before I take a client through it, even the birds-eye view.  That's a lot of pics.  If they don't look good, I move onto the next.

Real estate photography is a fine art in Indiana.  It's hard to make a drab vinyl-sided house sitting in a foot of snow look amazing.  It's my job as an agent to hire an awesome photographer who can make magic and turn that drab into fab.

So I'm giving your fair warning.  When I list your home and have photos taken, it will look good.  Almost too good.  It may look better than it actually is.  But guess what?  We got more people in the door which, undoubtedly, will help sell your house faster.  Picture that.

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