July 8, 2015

Tonight We’re Going to Party Like It’s 1989

I love to throw a party.  Any kind of party.  I've hosted Birthday parties, Halloween parties, Going-Away parties, Christmas parties, Dinner parties, Driveway parties, and We-Don't-Have-Anything-Better-To-Do-Tonight parties.  Actually, no theme is needed.  There are many of you reading this who have enjoyed a little strobe-light-Holle-basement-action in their day.  That basement has brought the masses a lot of joy over the years...

And real estate is always a popular topic of conversation.  Come to think of it, maybe that's why everyone comes over...along with the free booze.  People love talking about houses:  how much this one sold for, how terrible this one looks online, how this one sold in a day, etc., etc.

So why do I subject myself to late-night guests, large food and beverage bills and massive clean-ups?  Because I like to surround myself with energy.  Because I like my home to be alive.

Now here's something wild:  What if I merged my two passions in life, entertaining and real estate?  I often think back with nostalgia to my high school job. Back in the late-80's, I worked as a receptionist in a real estate firm outside of Chicago.  The building was on a busy intersection of town with lots of hustle and bustle.  People were always popping in to talk to the agents (who went through Aqua Net and Marlboro Reds like it was nobody's business).  The place was hopping with activity.  It was alive.

So, yep, I did it.  This month I opened Highgarden Real Estate, The Carrie Holle Group, in the heart of downtown Carmel.   Oh...it is everything I could have hoped for.  Life!  Energy!  Hustle and bustle!  My team and I are throwing a party each and every day and talking to all kinds of people about something they love to talk about:  how much this house sold for, how terrible this one looks online, how this one sold in a day, etc., etc.  But we're also taking it up a notch and talking about how much we can sell your house for, how we can make your home look amazing online, how we can sell your house in a day.

And how cool is it to actually talk to a real live person face-to-face instead of some voice from a cardboard sign or the internet?  Yes, we're going retro, baby.  All the way back to 1989.

So come on in and visit with us.  We'll help you with everything real estate...buying, selling, building, financing, investing.  Sit on our pretty green sofa, have a drink, and take a load off.  If you're really lucky, we'll have out a bowl of chips and the strobe light on.  But, unlike my basement, this party ends at 9.

The Hostess with Mostest,

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