July 8, 2015

You're Boring Me

Indiana is a boring state for real estate.  In fact, most of the Midwest is pretty boring.  Sure, there are pockets of areas with some really cool homes, but the vast majority of houses around here are a real snore.  Having sold homes for my entire adult life, it takes something really unusual to pique my interest and get me excited.

Think about the homes you've been in over the years.  There are probably only a couple that got your attention, let alone took your breath away.  They pretty much all look the same.  And there, my friends, is the real challenge of being a listing agent:  making a boring home stand out from the crowd.

Why do some homes that appear to be clean, well-kept, neutral and well-priced stay on the market forever?  Because they are boring.  Why do some homes take a hit on price when there isn't a thing wrong with them?  Because they are boring.  Why do some homes get dozens of people through to look at them but don't get an offer?  Because they are boring.

Take, for example, a listing appointment I had about a year ago.  The home was a traditional two-story in a great neighborhood.  White walls, brass fixtures, honey oak cabinets, beige countertops, and on and on.  I'm drifting off to sleep just writing about it.  After taking a tour of this home, I talked to the owner about staging.  At my expense, I would bring in a designer who would transform his home into something not so humdrum.  This would allow us to sell in quickly and for more cash.  "That's ridiculous!"  he said.  "Why would I put money into a home that I am selling?  That's like putting new tires on a car before I trade it in!"  Nope.  No, it isn't.  News flash:  real estate appreciates.  A car does not.

Listen peeps, spending $5000 on staging a home for sale may bring you rewards of two to ten times that.  I know this from statistics, market research and a lot of experience.  This is why you hire a Realtor.  We know what we're doing (at least some of us).  This is not about painting the rooms wild colors and making a crazy statement.  It's about making the home appear modern, fresh and cool.  Sometimes when representing a buyer, I see people fall in love with the decor and style of a home.  In essence, they fall in love with the home itself.  See??

My job is to sell your home.  Period.  Yes, yes, the price has to be right and so does the location.  But wouldn't you like to get the most money as possible out of your home??  Wouldn't you like it to sell??  Great.  Then let me bring in a designer who will edit, paint, change fixtures, and rearrange furniture to make your home look like a million bucks.  Let's have people oooo and ahhh when they walk through.  Let's get a full-price offer on the first day.  And maybe, just maybe, let's get them to forget they're in Indiana.

Never Boring,


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